Chiang Mai 

Chiang Mai, A place of peace, kindness, and adventure With gates that welcome you with smiles and beautiful music Chiang Mai, A beloved home to many That provides them with basic needs Chiang Mai, A hot and humid place Gifted with rainfall to chill those warm nights Chiang Mai,  Oh how those streets can talk … More Chiang Mai 

Monk chat 

One of our class assignments was to write about our experience talking to a monk. At first, I thought this assignment would be easy seeing as there are temples LITERALLY everywhere in Chiang Mai. However, this experience was not as easy as I thought it would be. Throughout my experience with Thai people in Chiang … More Monk chat 

One with nature

June 22 Hands on Thailand has been an opportunity full of grand adventures and long lasting memories! As a class, we hiked through the jungle near a local village. We had some pretty amazing tour guides to educate us on the native flora and fauna of the land. Although I enjoy long hikes, many of … More One with nature